The 70s, the decade that brought us Pong, Morecambe and Wise, Star Wars the original trilogy and martial arts star Bruce Lee, was a full and eventful decade.  The fashion industry was still finding its muse from influences such as the fast-paced music and movie industries that began their domination in the 60s.  Bell-bottomed pants and hot pants, platform shoes and midi dresses were all part of the disco era that was the seventies.  Other styles, almost in direct contrast to the disco glitz and glam, became much more relaxed with tunics, tie die, ponchos, kaftans and capes. These styles of 1970s Sewing Patterns reflected a growing love of folk art and a hippy look that had its beginnings a decade before, influenced by social movements that were anti-war and influenced by eastern religion, spirituality and cultures.

Vogue, being one of the most popular sewing pattern companies in the 70’s as it is today, produced original styles and designs weekly that reflected all of these trends, interests and ideals.  Vintage Vogue patterns from the 1970s are available at The Vintage Pattern Shop for you to purchase and own, making it possible for you to recreate these timeless pieces again and again, either with a more modern twist, or using some of the fabrics, colours and patterns of the times.

Our 1970s Patterns collection is set out into several categories of clothing.  On the 1960s tops, blouses and aprons currently feature such beautiful items as a floaty blouse with a batwing sleeve, and a wonderful stretchy practical top that can be worn four different ways.  Dress patterns available include the feminine kaftans mentioned above.  Enjoy the feel of the 70s as you browse through our collection, marvel at the patterns, and purchase a little piece of fashion history.