The 1930s were a wonderful time for fashion, featuring the likes of large collared day dresses and silky evening gowns. That’s why we here at the Vintage Pattern Shop are delighted to help you recreate your own 1930s styles. We specialise in supplying 1930s sewing patterns suitable for any occasion so you can recreate your own classic clothing.

We have an increasingly large selection of 1930s patterns available for you to choose from, spanning across the Western world. Our range covers dresses of all types to garments such as blouses, skirts, and hats and other accessories. We even have patterns for clothing such as swimwear and silky nightwear. No matter what type of 1930s clothing you are looking to emulate, you should be able to find a suitable option in our range.

Our classic patterns are reproduced full scale to a high standard from several of the fashion publications du jour and other contemporary sources. This means that we can offer you a picture-perfect copy of the pattern that will look just as impressive as it did during the Great Depression.

It may be the case that there is a particular 1930s pattern that we don’t have in stock. If that’s the case please let us know and we’ll be delighted to recommend a suitable alternative that might suit your needs. If you know which pattern you have in mind but you have found it to be out of your price range, we may be able to obtain a copy of the pattern which you can then buy from us at a much cheaper price.

We are confident that our range of 1930s sewing patterns will have something to cater for your needs, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.