The Vintage Pattern Shop welcome you to the page all about 1980s clothing patterns. A bright a wonderfully expressive era of fashion.

Are 1980s patterns still popular, or are some of the fashion statements, fashion choices and 80s pattern designs best left to just a memory?  Was it a time of experimental trial and error, or was it a time of freedom and limitless expression?

Here, 80s Sewing Patterns are seen in all their glory, as the powerful and ornate statement pieces that the fashion houses and designers proudly created.  You will find all of the 1980s Clothing Patterns; UK citizens popularly wore in that interesting decade.  The ruffles, the puffed sleeves and the large cuffs, the masculine square cuts, leg warmers, shoulder pads and power suits influence the fashion world we see around us even in the modern day.

Oversized blazers and shirts with large oversized collars are still worn by the fashion icons of today and look stunning as a full suit.  Denim has certainly become more desirable, and whereas once upon a time hipster pants and jeans were considered very popular, the high waisted look of the 80’s has made a glorious return.  Acid washed clothing with full bodied blouses, complete with ruffles look amazing.  You can find these wonderful vintage sewing patterns, 1980s magazines, fashion houses and designers produced here at The Vintage Pattern Shop ready for you to recreate and wear for yourself.

Amongst the choice you will find an excellent choice of vintage vogue patterns. 1980s patterns for dresses, coats and jackets, blouses and pants are all just a few clicks away from becoming yours to own to recreate in whatever colours and materials that you choose as many times as you like, making sure that this iconic fashion era lives on into the 2020’s.