From mini to maxi skirts, bell-bottomed trousers and jump suits, psychedelic patterns and hippy prints, the 1970s vintage patterns are considered to be one of the most fun decades to choose from for themed costumes and fancy-dress parties. To this day, people enjoy dressing up and copying that decade of fashion.  That is why patterns that were created in that time era, are still sort after by modern-day fashion lovers.

However, the stories and histories of the decade that influenced the fashion involve more than many people realise. For instance, apart from the considered disco styles and fads, women’s and civil rights movements also held influence over the chosen styles of those times.  The music and dance era also left their stamp on the fashions of the time. Political interests, movements and changes, such as Margret Thatcher’s becoming prime minister, also made their mark in the same way the kings and queens had their influence over fashion and style.

1970s Vintage Trouser Patterns and 1970s Vintage Skirt Patterns are available to purchase so you create your own replica of this iconic style.  These 1970s vintage patterns are not just for fancy dress or costume parties, but are so beautiful and striking that they are often repeated in some form or another in modern fashion and latest styles.  These vintage pieces are so special that there is no doubt they will continue to appear in fashion, not only because people like to wear vintage to celebrate the past, but because these styles continue to flatter, empower and glamourize anyone who wears them.

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