The Vintage Pattern Shop are proud to provide you with a wide selection of vintage sewing patterns that allow you to emulate the time periods they were designed in. Our collection of 1960s Patterns are no exception.  We have a variety of styles that featured throughout the decade that was the swinging sixties.  Our 1960s tops, blouses and apron styles include peter pan collars, polos and tunic styles, turtle necks and kitten bow blouses.  The skirts and pants often include within the collection of 1960s Vintage Sewing Patterns bell bottoms, cat suits or jumpsuits and of course the iconic mini skirt created by fashion designer Mary Quant.  The 1960s sewing patterns also have in stock 1960s dresses, and accessories such as hats.

Each era produced fashion that was as a direct result of the influences around that time.  Pop culture had a large impact on 1960s sewing patterns and fashion, as well as new social outlooks such as feminism. Television brought the rich and famous straight into your living room, allowing you direct access to the fashion of the famous.  Women who became fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, supermodels like Twiggy and actresses like Audrey Hepburn in her memorable role as Holy Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, inspired the general public so much so, that fashion was considered no longer the property of the rich and famous, but it was for everyone.

As you browse through the Vintage Vogue Patterns of the 1960s, searching for your chance to recreate one of these fascinating pieces of the past, think of the fun and daring new horizons that provided these looks.  These styles were once new and innovative, but rather than just being a fad, they have proven themselves as they continue to be popular garments for today’s wearer.