We all enjoy a good period and costume drama, not necessarily just because of the plot lines, or the characters, which can in some sense be applied to any era, but because of the styles and clothing you see the actor’s wear.  Re-enactments and historical costume dramas go to great lengths to make sure they pick out the correct props and clothing for the events or stories we hold dear, whether it’s a film or series bases on a Jane Austen and Charles Dickens novel, or historical fictions such as those based on past queens and kings.

No matter the reason you are looking for vintage costume patterns, whether for a fancy dress party, as the basis for a wedding dress, for a play and drama or some kind, or even for a museum exhibition, The Vintage Pattern Shop can help.  We are the UK’s leading provider of vintage patterns including a wonderful supply of period costume patterns.  Even if you cannot find a costume patterns style from a time period that you want, be sure to contact us and we may be able to source one for you.

Our historical costume patterns give insight into the styles and looks of times long gone, allowing you a glimpse into the world people lived in pre1900’s and the Edwardian era.  As fashion always mirrors the tone and actions of the times, you can see the influences and the different classes of station throughout history.  For example, you may be able to see the gothic nature of the Victorian times, or the freeing women’s styles seen later on, in our vintage period patterns listed on this page.

Not only do we have an excellent selection of clothing patterns for costumes, historical re-enactments, or any other desire, we have some fabulous accessories such as hats, muffs, and bags.  In times past, a lady’s garment was nothing without the accessories and ornamental draping’s to match.  So, if you want to emulate the time period patterns and styles properly, be sure to check out the choice of accessories.

Why not have your wedding dress made to match your favourite historical costume patterns?  This will make your gown stand out from the rest, with so many to choose from.  We have actual historical wedding dress vintage patterns you can purchase for your big day, or a choice of other elegant dresses that could be made in your choice of material and turned into a bespoke wedding dress, shaped and styled just the way you like it.

As with all of our collections, we provide a selection of Vogue costume patterns.  This iconic company gives clear and concise instructions, making it possible to produce the clothing just the way they were back in the time era they were considered the height of fashion.

So, if you are looking for vintage costume sewing patterns, you have come to the right place.  The Vintage Pattern Shop are always happy to help our customers create something they will love and treasure for many more years, decades, and eras to come.