On this page you will see all of the ‘old world charm’ of our vintage period patterns.

As our followers and fellow pattern enthusiasts know, The Vintage Pattern Shop holds a decade by decade catalogue of the 20th centuries ever changing and beautiful clothing patterns, styles and fashions from the 30’s onwards.  We cannot however, leave out the whole host of period patterns that mark the previous beautiful eras in fashion history.  Here, we have patterns for outfits with a collection of historical vintage patterns, available for you to purchase and bring back a piece of the past that now, can seem almost as if it’s from another world.

We have some fabulous period patterns available for purchase, such as the 2-piece dresses, and our five-styled variation hat.  The elegance and ornateness of these vintage patterns, lend itself to production as vintage patterns rather than everyday wear, but the detail and joy that can be found in creating one of these vintage sewing patterns is something that you can treasure no matter what the occasion.

Wedding’s give us a golden opportunity to adorn ourselves in all of the glamour and grace of these period vintage patterns.  We have some examples of actual vintage wedding dress patterns available in this collection, but you can also choose from some of the everyday wear period wear as a pattern base for your wedding dress.

Vogue vintage patterns, once again lead the way in providing us with the leading pattern manufacturers best choice of vintage wear, available for you to buy and create again and again, enjoying everything that historical fashion has to offer.

With bags, hats, dresses, and even some WW2 vintage women’s overalls available, we know you will enjoy perusing this collection.  If you wish to make enquiries about a specific vintage period pattern you are looking for, contact us today.