Our Sew-In Woven Labels


Our NEW WOVEN SEW-IN LABELS that will come one FREE with each one of our patterns. They will also be available to purchase from us.

We are the first company to offer a free sew-in woven label with our reproduced Vintage Sewing Patterns and we are very excited about this additional part of our product, which will undoubtedly compliment our Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Woven labels use threads with a touch of artwork and handwork to produce a stylish label. The material used to weave the label is durable and doesn’t fade easily, guaranteeing a great piece of artwork.

For us and our business, this NEW woven sew-in label will customize our brand with a strong identity, portraying our image through the logo, reinforcing the branding objectives of The Vintage Pattern Shop. The main advantage of the label is that it shows our vintage style and personalized information on the garment itself, as the website address is displayed under the mannequin picture of the logo, this way you will always be able to find us.

For you, the vintage sewing enthusiast, this NEW woven sew-in label will add the finishing touch to your completed vintage garment. Wear it with pride!

We hope you like it.