The 1940s were a troubled time marked by the Second World War and its aftermath. While that meant that the decade’s clothing was suitably austere and practical, it often showed great ingenuity with its re-use of other materials. Here at the Vintage Pattern Shop we are delighted to help our customers recreate the fashion of the era by supplying you with a range of 1940s sewing patterns suitable for sprucing up in the present day.

Our excellent selection of 1940s patterns is always growing, meaning that we have an increasingly diverse selection for you to choose from. You might start with our WWII dresses of all types, including wedding and bridal dresses, look at garments such as blouses and skirts, or even look at our patterns for hats and other accessories. We can even provide patterns for lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. Blitz through our range of 1940s patterns and you are bound to find something you like no matter what type of clothing you’re after.

Of course, fashion magazines were extremely popular in the 40s so our 1940s patterns are recreated from reputable publications such as Vogue, along with other contemporary publications across the Western world. All of our patterns are reproduced to full scale at a high visual standard so you can rest assured that the pattern you receive from us will be just as clear as it was then.

There are rare occasions where we don’t have the particular pattern that you are looking for. If that’s the case please get in touch with us and we would be very happy to suggest another pattern which might be to your liking. If you’re already certain of a pattern you like elsewhere but is difficult to attain, we will do our best to obtain a copy of the pattern which we can pass on to you.