Hats & Accessories

During the summer months, it’s the perfect excuse to don a vintage-inspired hat. At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we currently offer a pattern to create a matching hat with our swimsuit and brief combination from 1975.

Sun hats are practical and functional – designed to keep your face shaded and cool, and to protect your scalp. However, they are also great accessories and we have the patterns for such items whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner to vintage patterns.

The popularity of the wide brim sun hat emerged in the 1940s and ‘50s, but it stayed long into the ‘70s. During this time, they would be worn in a floppy style, for a hippie-chic look. They were typically worn on the beach, but also on the town, where women would coordinate their hats with their outfits.

Some hats would also feature decoration, such as ribbons, fabric bows, paper flowers and silk flowers. These 1970s wide brim sun hats have stood the test of time, yet they also make a great fashion statement, so you’re sure to make an impact when you step into the room once you’ve made your hat from our vintage patterns.