Are you looking to recreate a 1990 sewing pattern?  As always, The Vintage Pattern Shop is here with the best selection available.  Stemming from a genuine love of vintage fashion; we aim to provide you with a choice of 1990s patterns for clothing for you to create again and again.

90s vintage patterns emulate the simple yet elegant designs and shapes that were a popular choice for in the fashion world of the day.  Slip dresses, pencil skirts and culottes were often seen in 90s sewing patterns pared with a plain white top or blouse, giving the look a sleek, delicate and subtle vibe.  Dresses from the 90s were usually of an equally feminine nature, using simple lace patterns and opting to use either one coloured fabric, or small floral patterns that tended to embellish the garments rather than dominate them.  The classic little black dress, now seen as a wardrobe must have for all modern women, saw its hay day in the 90s.  Shoulder pads were still a very popular choice in women’s fashion, and most women’s jackets, blouses and coats still maintained the empowered liberated look of the 80s.

Casual looks in 90s Vintage patterns included jogging pants, track suits and flannel shirts with checked prints usually worn open with a popular slogan t-shirt, and big combat or grunge boots.  This is a look that is still very popular today, as short cropped trousers, braces and lace up ankle boots have made a comeback in recent years.  Crop tops were also very popular in the 90s.

Pleated mini skirts were very popular in the 90’s and looked surprisingly feminine with a square cut oversized double-breasted cardigan and ribbed turtleneck top.  As always, we also aim to provide you with a choice of the iconic Vogue vintage patterns. 1990s clothing can be yours to recreate and own today from the choice of 1990s vintage sewing patterns.