Characterised by quirky fabric patterns and sporty cuts, 1990s fashion was something of a turning point for the fashion world – defined predominantly by its emerging sub-cultures. Being the era of Nirvana and its grunge scene, a new style of tougher looks appeared in the 90s, moving on from the ladylike cuts of the 1980s.

We have a number of 1990s vintage sewing patterns available to let you create a bit of history for yourself, which can be worn day to day in the 2010s. From a variety of different fashion houses and designers, you will be able to create your own piece of designer history, at a fraction of the price with your own sewing expertise.

Did you know that we’re the world’s largest collectors of vintage sewing patterns? Selling pieces from our collection worldwide, we’re committed to spreading the love for vintage patterns – 1990s all the way back to the 1930s – so that beautiful classic styles can live on.

Whether it’s a new slip dress, boxy blazer jacket or an evening gown, we’ll be able to help you recreate it, with many of our vintage sewing patterns available with options for different sizes. This is great if you’ve found yourself trawling vintage shops for classic cuts, only to find you can never find them in your correct size – make sure they’re catered to you by creating the designs yourself.

Contact us today here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, where we can offer you guidance and a good chat about our favourite hobby. If you can’t find the 1990s vintage pattern you’ve been looking for on our site, be sure to get in touch, as we’re in the process of uploading all of our extensive