We have a range of patterns available when it comes to vintage jackets, coats and suits from the 1970s. During this time, it was popular to have big plaids in a trench coat design, which would be long, with the shortest coats being knee-length. This style, along with the wrap coat, was in fashion throughout the whole of the decade.

Typical fabrics included heavy tweeds, and bouclé (which is a yarn with a looped or curled ply), as well as tapestry designs. For jackets, they could be a little shorter, forming a suit with a blazer jacket, or a short pea coat. A faux-fur boxy coat known as the teddy coat was also popular during the 1970s. For alternative materials, a vinyl plastic was used to make raincoats, often with matching umbrellas in bright colours or clear plastic.

When wearing your suit jacket with trousers, you’ll want a two-piece pattern that combines the suit jacket with either a-lined skirt or trousers with a flare, or bell-bottom to get that 1970s’ look.