If you are looking for something different to create and try your crafty hand at, that will present you with a new challenge but give you something very special to keep as a finished product, then check out our 1940s vintage lingerie Patterns, 1940s nightwear patterns and 1940s swimwear patterns.

1940s Vintage Lingerie Patterns 

Bra, girdles and slips – The underwear of the 1940s came as a result of comfort, but not at the expense of shape and style. A women’s figure was and still is a paramount concern when it comes to ladies fashions.  Whereas during the early 1900s women wore metal boned corsets, these items were soon becoming more of a hindrance than a fashion choice. In order to be more active and industrious, the girdle was one of the alternatives to the corset.  Stretch fabrics were used to enhance and control the figure and womanly shape.

Try one of these patterns out and you will find yourself mastering cuts, shaping and fabrics that you won’t find in other 1940s patterns.

1940s Nightwear Patterns 

Vintage nightwear is often elegant, delicate and seductive.  It has the ability to make you feel special and feminine even if you are the only one who will see it.  The selection of 1940s sleepwear patterns varies from pyjama sets to nighttime slips and camisoles.

1940s swimwear patterns 

The chance of enjoying some relaxation and beach time fun was just as sort after then as it is today.  In the 1940s, the time of rationing and deprivation made it difficult at times for people to keep up morale.  Even when the war ended, there was still a time of rationing that might have seemed relentless.  The occasional chance to indulge and bare your legs brought about these fabulous and beautiful swimsuits.