Dresses (All Types)

Skirts from the 1940s would fall around the knee. This shorter style was due to rationing, but also suggests more liberal attitudes to clothing. They would be in simple designs until the end of the war, when there was be a return to pleats are more decorative features.

Pants, or trousers, were usually worn as part of a suit, as were many skirts. A two-piece skirt suit, was usually in an A-line pattern, and was otherwise known as a ‘Victory’ or ‘Utility’ suit. Both skirts and trousers were worn high-waisted, with the latter featuring full legs and wide cuffs.

Popular fabrics were cotton, denim and wool blends, so use these with your vintage pattern to create a more authentic design. Trousers were commonly worn for factory work, but overalls and coveralls were also worn as they provided a practical option. Symbolising a new found empowerment for women as they stepped into the workplace, this aesthetic was made famous by the image of Rosie the Riveter.

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