Dresses (All Types)

At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we offer a large range of patterns to create any kind of dress from the 1930s you can imagine.

During the 1930s, there was still a fair amount of fabric used to create long gowns, and two-pieces were also popular. The silhouette had moved onwards slightly from the lean look of the ‘20s, where the cut offered subtle curves, with a long waist and a slight flare in the skirt section.

Flutter sleeves and ruffles were common, necklines were modest, and tea dresses sitting midway up the calf were a popular length, which rose higher towards the end of the decade. Patterns that we tend to associate with the 1970s initially were inspired by the paisley print dresses of the 1930s.

Whilst floral prints, plaids and polka dots were most popular, there were also some Art Deco inspired styles of dresses, including summer whites, pastels and small prints. At The Vintage Pattern Shop, you can use the patterns available in order to make your perfect dress straight from the 1930s.