Hats & Accessories

The 1930s was the age of the hat. Whilst the 1920s saw the heightening of hemlines, the ‘30s broke out of traditional forms, into a more liberated style. Whilst remaining feminine, hats became cheerful items that took inspiration from some men’s styles for a quirky and playful look.

There were some key hat styles in the 1930s, which included rolled back brim cloches, berets and madcaps, cartwheel or picture hats for summer, velvet or golden turbans, and veiled hats. It was also about how you wore the hat – often you would see small hats perched on heads in a deep angular way. You would also see large hat brims shading over one eye, and softened versions of men’s fedora hats. Decoration would be minimal to offer ultimate style from stand-out patterns.

Instead of embellishments, the focus on hats such as the updated cloche was the manipulation of fabric, fixed with a single solid or striped grosgrain band. The madcap also benefited from the ability to be shaped and stretched to be worn however the woman chose. These were often made from linen silk, wool or chenille, and these hats highlighted the decade’s experimental feel. The knitted cap also paved the way for bonnets, berets, tams and turbans, made using a new technique, crocheted with a yarn blended with a stretchable rubber Lastix.

Typical vintage hats from the 1930s can be hard to find and expensive. Making your own from our vintage patterns is the best way to get the truest design for a fraction of the price. We stock some such patterns that include a five or three style variation hat design, and others that focus on the one.