All About 1950s’ Printed Fabrics

When creating a look from the 1950s, it is not just the pattern that you ned to consider, but also the typical printed fabrics that were used at the time. Today we will briefly touch on the fabrics you could use to create authentic 1950s-inspired designs, whilst focussing on the different prints that were popular […]

All About Our 1940s Printed Fabrics

During the 1940s, you will find popular prints include many varieties that were also commonly found within other decades of vintage inspired fashion. Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of printed fabrics from the 1940s. Today we’re going to look at five key printed fabric […]

All About 1930s Printed Fabrics

1930s Printed Fabrics

Throughout recent years, we often see a revival of fashions from decades gone by, and although the 1930s may emerge again within the next few years, it is often a forgotten era. The best way to be able to wear 1930s-style fashion is to sew it yourself. Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we can […]

All About our 1950s Vintage Knitting Pattern

1950s Vintage Knitting Pattern

During the 1950s, it was usual for people in general to knit their clothes by hand. In this era, clothing was made to stand the test of time. Rather than disposing of items with holes, people would knit them back up, or unpick them to knit into something new. If you make the choice to […]

Men’s Vintage Sewing Patterns Through the Ages

Men’s Vintage Sewing Patterns

Here are The Vintage Pattern Shop, as well as an extensive selection of patterns for women, we do also cater to men. Our patterns tend to range from the 1930s to the 1960s, so today we’re going to offer an overview of men’s fashion through the ages. Then you can browse your favourite styles within […]

All About Our Vintage Fabrics

Vintage Fabrics

At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we not only provide our customers with the patterns themselves but also stock a variety of reproduced vintage printed fabrics for you to buy online. Sewing with these particular textiles on offer will allow you to preserve the authenticity of the look you are creating, whilst giving you the creative […]

All About Vogue Vintage Sewing Patterns

Vogue Vintage Sewing Patterns

When it comes to vintage sewing patterns, you are exploring fashion through the ages. A big part of how fashion evolves also comes down to the wider parts of the industry, such as fashion magazines, which bring big designer brands into the mainstream vision. Today, we’re going to highlight the collection on our website that […]

The Most Iconic 1980s Vintage Sewing Patterns

The Most Iconic 1980s Vintage Sewing Patterns

The 1980s is known for bold patterns, bright block colours, and – of course – shoulder pads. The age of the power suit, it was a time where women were able to reclaim their femininity and assert their role in the workplace, as well as be physically comfortable. Today we’re going to look at some […]

Classic Style Ideas From The 1970s

1970s Fashion

When you’re looking to create a look from the 1970s it can be easy to fall back on stereotypical items. However, when you’re creating vintage items from original patterns, you want your outfit to say ‘fashion’ rather than ‘fancy dress’. Today we’re going to look at some style ideas that include classic outfits from the […]

Fashion Trends from the 1960s, Today

Fashion Trends from the 1960s

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we’ve previously offered a history of fashion in the 1960s and shown you the range of patterns we have available for this decade. Today we’re going to highlight some of the key trends you might see this summer that takes inspiration from the swinging sixties. Pleats and Pockets It […]