Although it seems knitting has and always will have its place in the history books, providing generations with beautiful vintage knitting patterns, the 50s knitting patterns available at The Vintage Pattern Shop have stemmed from an era when knitting was more popular than ever.

The previous decade had seen war time make new styles and colour scarce, and knitting was more of a necessity.  However, in the 1950s people craved change and a need to mark the times with brighter, more fun garments and clothing.  50s Knitting Patterns provided people with the choice of colours and, as restrictions on trade and sales were lifted, new yarns and wools were being introduced to happily meet the demand of the knitting community.

The Make Do and Mend slogan, made popular through rationing the decade before, had become part of a proud heritage where people enjoyed being able to create and make.  Knitting was therefore taught at schools as it was considered a valuable skill to have.  Apart from being a skill, knitting is also a relaxing and creative hobby, and in the 1950s both men and women were able to enjoy this pastime to the full.

1950s Knitting patterns include twinsets, cardigans, tank tops, and dresses.  The dresses available from the 1950s Vintage Knitting Patterns really are something special to make and own, and you can just imagine the choice and selection of colours that people choose to make them in. Thanks to the choice available so you can own your own vintage knitting patterns, 1950s style and ingenuity will never go out of fashion.

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