Since The Vintage Pattern Shop opened its new virtual online doors in 2017 it has seen many iconic fashions and amazing vintage clothing and products pass through our webpages to your shopping baskets and sewing machines, and ultimately your homes and wardrobes. Since The Vintage Pattern Shop first began its journey we have steadily become the largest company to stock and sell vintage patterns to all fellow lovers of fashion and fashion history. In 2018 it was, therefore, our privilege to provide all of our customers with our own brand of sew in woven labels with each purchase made from our site. As we have extended our site to include vintage knitting patterns, we also recommend our knitting labels for these projects.

How do we feel about these vintage pattern labels almost two years on from their design and creation? We are proud to have our name on your sown and knitted creations, just as we are proud of our stock of patterns available to you for purchase. Of course, we wanted a label that would represent our company and the company’s identity perfectly, as well as something that would add that a little something special to your sewn garment. As such the materials we have used to create our woven labels are durable and don’t fade easily, representing the durability and sustainability of vintage style and fashion throughout the world. The design is simple, in that it conveys exactly what we are about. A mannequin expresses creativity, and the shop window depicts our love of fashion retail and design. The fabric draped beautifully across the mannequin depicts all of the many possibilities for that fabric, with the huge choice available to you from a whole century worth of vintage fashion.

Vintage fashion really is something special, as it tells us all a story of the style, creativity and general feel of the location and times they were created and worn in. Many fashion houses and designers down the decades have incorporated a logo and design to attach to their designs and patterns. These authentic labels and vintage collections are well sort after even today, as they give the item an identity and a professional look. As we have the best stock of vintage patterns available, we have developed a favourable name for ourselves. This name we are happy to share with you as our woven labels are sewed in to your garments.

Of course, it is and always has been entirely up to you whether you wear our beautifully crafted sew in labels, but our hope is that by sewing in these vintage woven labels, you will have a recognised piece of vintage history that you will be able to wear with pride, and maybe one day pass onto further generations, not just as a piece of clothing you cleverly made using your sewing and creative skills, but one that has a rich history and an origin of its own. One that you bought from The Vintage Pattern Shop!