So far, 2020 has been, for many, an unusual year.  It has been a year of change, a year of solidarity and a year of making do with, and treasuring, what we have.  People, all around the world, have embraced the opportunity to be creative and learn something new to be proud of.  They are rightly proud, not just because they have learned new skills, or produced something new, but because they have taken a potentially difficult situation and achieved new skills, applied themselves to projects and equally inspired others to do the same.

Here at The Vintage pattern Shop, we have aimed to inspire, encourage and applaud, creative people since first opening our online shop back in 2017.  We are also so proud of what we personally have achieved, and with what we have supported you to achieve, we have created woven labels for sewing projects and knitting labels for your vintage knitting pattern creations, for you to wear with pride and for us to represent with pride.

Each pattern that we sell to you, from our online shop, comes with one of our beautifully designed sew on labels.  These sew in woven labels adequately represent what clothing design is all about.  It is about history, fashion and creativity.

The history of a garment or design is a fascinating thing.  My many years learning about and documenting all about fashion, fashion houses, fashion designers and the styles and patterns of the times has taught me that whatever is happening in the world always has its bearing on fashion and the design choices of its creator and its wearer.  In fact, it is clear that you cannot have fashion design with out the inspiration that history itself produces.  Political movements, popular entertainment, economic and environmental issues, all to this day, have a strong influence on what we wear and when we wear it.

As a result of the creative and imaginative times we live in now, we have as a result, chosen to promote our creative and inspirational vintage fashion patterns by offering you, the chance to use our sew in labels in each and every garment you purchase and create of your own.  These ‘home-made’ garments are, after all, a part of history itself, with an identity and origin all of its own. From the day the pattern was first created, to the day you recreate it, it is something truly special.

As we also sell vintage materials for your vintage sewing patterns, we encourage you to take a look at all that The Vintage Pattern Shop have to offer to applaud and adorn your vintage fashion buy.

When you have created a vintage pattern, for example from the 1960s, you may then choose to pair it with some 1960s accessories, such as a handbag or a hat.  And what about a jacket to go with your vintage dress?  What about a blouse to match your vintage trousers?  And the icing on the cake can be, to finish the outfit in style, one our sew in labels to really complete the project.