Vintage 1980s Skirt Patterns still include the iconic mini skirt, that was still a must have item that had first gained popularity in the 1960s. However, the mini skirt’s evolution involved its now being worn with items such as leg warmers, leggings and paired with baggy tops and jumpers as well as off the hip belts and accessories.  It was even fashionable to wear baggy colourful socks, especially if you could pair them with big chunky boots.

With denim being a big hit in the fashion world of the 1980s, it could be seen everywhere, but is most predominately used along with 1980s Trouser Patterns.  1980s trouser patterns also included parachute pants, stirrup pants, leggings and of course the baggy trousers.  Although these are styles of trousers that we remember from the 1980s, the choice styles were extremely varied, depending on the year they were made, what they were made for (work, casual, etc), and of course, the sex wearing them.

Other popular choices for a 1980s Skirt Pattern, apart from the mini, included a ruffle skirt and the classic pencil skirt.

The style of this decade can certainly be seen influencing today’s fashion world. Whereas many may think of the fashion decade of the 80s being ‘one off’ statement and ‘one time only’ style pieces, the fashion of today can be thankful for a lot of the 80s style and in particular, its use of colour and bold, daring shapes.

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