From halter necks and off shoulder tops, to polo neck shirts and high neck tops, The vintage pattern Shop holds a selection of 1980s Patterns for tops and blouses.  As a practical piece of clothing a 1980s Apron Pattern can also be found among the archives of the 1980s fashion giants of the day.

However much the 80’s fashion is distinct and recognisable, it was also varied.  The more you look into the 80s fashion world the more you realise the sheer depth of style held in that one impressive era.  As much as colour was in prominent use at the time, black leather was also a thing of the times, as the punk revolution took hold.  Rather than royalty and Hollywood holding all of the fashion cards, music had a massive influence.  Today we can see a revival of the 1980s Blouse Pattern along with its use of colour.

This was the decade that gave us Michael Jackson and Madonna at their very best, along with the fashions that were considered the look that defined them as artists. Who can forget Michael Jackson in fingerless gloves, and leather studded trophy and military jackets? Or Madonna, who’s womanly shape gave way to lines and angles with the use of shoulder pads, studs and chains?  Materials such as mesh, denim and leather were used in abundance, and colour was the order of the day.

Check out the 1980s Vogue Top Patterns and 1980s Vogue Blouse Patterns from the fashion magazine that spans more than a century’s worth of publications.  It was aptly named vogue, as the word means ‘the prevailing fashion of the time’. And in the 80s, Madonna produce one of her best hits using that title, no doubt adding to its status and prestige.