1940’s FashionThe huge selections of 1940s sewing patterns that are available are an enjoyable thing to collect and own.  In the same way that memorabilia from the movies, from the war, the music, the railways, and even the popular entertainment of the day (radio, games and books) hold a fascination for us, so too do the clothing and patterns.  The ‘make do and mend’ attitude of the 1940’s can motivate even the avid shopaholic into a mode and sense of preservation, that during the 1940’s it was a necessity.

During the second world war, the ladies, whether single, married or widowed, mothers and grandmothers, learned how to provide clothing that not only kept them warm and covered but also gave them their own style.  It is a style that people search for and wish to replicate today, despite the fact we live in freer, more affluent times, with more choice and diversity in terms of fashion.  However, this being the case, vintage sewing patterns still hold a fascination for us and we find ourselves, again and again, going back to this time of rationing for our fashion choices.

So, what is it that we love about 1940 sewing patterns?  Is it the materials or the style? All of these factors certainly do influence our choice. However, the mix of versatile materials and fabric, made with cuts and shapes that were practical as well as sexy and feminine, are what we really admire.

At a time when morale was low, and a lot of towns, cities and villages had to do without their men, their sons and husbands, women had to take over the jobs that held the communities together.  Some families, especially in more remote areas of Britain, temporarily adopted refugee children that had been evacuated from the war time hotspots such as London. This meant that they had to use what they had available to produce clothing that suited the different members of the family, but was often from the same material or fabric.  Did this mean they looked drab, worn or slovenly?  Just peruse the 1940s dress patterns, vintage 1940s skirt patterns, 1940s blouse sewing patterns, and you will find that you are compelled to admire them and that you want to own them.  The fact that they have the timeless ability to wow onlookers, to adorn and to beautify, bears testimony to the fact that these patterns and styles were, and are, lovable and special.

In the 1940s, making underwear was just as much a necessity as it was to make a dress, trousers or blouse.  The vintage pattern shop has available some stunning, sexy and timeless 1940s underwear patterns and 1940s lingerie patterns.

Owning these 1940 sewing patterns is like owning a part and piece of that history and time.  It is a tip of the hat, a tribute and an acknowledgement to the gorgeous girls that entertained, the women that rallied and provided for their families and troops in one way or another.