1957 Vintage Sewing Pattern B34″ DRESS (1245)


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✦ Circa:   1957


✦ Size/Measurements:    14  Bust:   34″   Waist:  26″   Hips:  36″   (Inches)


The photographs you see in the listing displays a beautiful example of this dress (B) made from this listed pattern in a mauve floral fabric, made by one of my experienced dressmaking customers in France named Veronique. She is a very experienced dressmaker, makes numerous garments from her wide collection of vintage sewing patterns that she purchases from us. A very loyal customer. She also makes these garments for friends and family members. Veronique always has a garment on the go, and this is one of her latest! It took approx 8 hours to complete. It is a beautiful example of a vintage styled garment made from this Vintage Sewing Pattern. It highlights the interesting dramatic results you can get by using stunning quality fabrics, with a strong contrast to hemline and waist, giving it that striking look, keeping to the overall feel of the design. Veronique has that true French style to her, very sleek, and is great at putting fabrics and colour together. It demonstrates how one can create such lovely vintage styled fashions from those bygone eras. Thank you Veronique, well done you!

The photographs of the Navy Blue dress has been made by the same lady (DRESS A from this pattern), from a twill cotton viscose fabric and took 10 hours to complete from start to finish and it was made specificly for a dinner occasion. Veronique is extremely familair with making clothing and particularly loves making garments from our Vintage Patterns. She works to a very high standard and understands vintage patterns very well. She looks very sexy in this dress, it is so incredibly flattering on her, and it really extenuates her waistline, I love it!



~ Please Note: ~ You are buying a ‘Professional Digitally Reproduced’ copy of this sewing pattern. Copied from the original sewing pattern. Produced in Full Scale Pattern Pieces ready to cut with full instructions included. Reproduced on high quality 50 gm paper with black ink, durable and easier for reuse.


~ With this product comes an accompanying ‘Booklet’ and inside the Booklet it includes:

~ A 2 page Instructions and Illustrations on ‘How to Adjust Your pattern to your Personal Measurement .

~ Personal Measurement Chart’

~ Body Form Illustrations

~ Fitting Checklist

~ Metric Equivalency Chart

~ Note Pages

~ Fabric Worksheet

~ Garment History Page

~ ‘Grandma Told Me’ – Historical facts related to that year or era

~ Woven Sew-in-Label



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