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1950’s Dress Sewing Patterns

The swing dresses, circle dresses and sheath dresses of the 1950’s are all iconic looks for women of the time, and today this period can easily be argued to be one of the most popular decades for Vintage Dress Patterns.

1950’s Day dress patterns

The typical day dress or house dress, was practical but elegant.  Unlike the general casual approach of today, everything about the day dresses worn in the 1950’s spoke femininity but suggested capability.  Apron styles that favoured prettiness over practically, complimented the 1950’s day dress patterns of the time.  However, although the 1950’s day dress patterns were pretty, they had more freedom than that of the evening wear.  They were comfortable designs and often favoured the buttoned down shirt waist dress that often featured collars and cuffs.

The choice for fabrics, if not in plain block colours, were checks, stripes and florals.

These patterns include the sheath dress and the circle dress that tucked in at the waist to create a slim line look.

1950’s Evening Dress Patterns

This was a chance for women to really enjoy the freedom in fashion that had been restricted during wartime.  Extra features were added where previously they had to cutback on unnecessary use of fabric and embellishments.  Sequins, rhinestones and applique were often seen on 1950’s evening dress patterns.

The hourglass figure was by far the mot popular look for women of these times.  Breasts were eventuated and pushed up, waist lines were pinched in and made to look slimmer with the extra use of fabric that curved and flared out at the hips.

Fabric for 1950’s evening dress patterns were decedent and special, choosing lace, silks and the use of net (tulle).

The 1950’s dress collection also contains bridal gown patterns and bridesmaid dress patterns.