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Vintage Dress Patterns 1990s UK

If you are looking for vintage dress patterns, 1990s fashion has a lot to offer. At a time when dressed down styles and minimalist fashion was popular, the 1990s dress patterns favoured an underwear-as-outerwear look, often using materials that draped wonderfully over the figure such of silk, or perhaps some simply patterned cotton.

The fashion of this time got its inspiration from diverse surroundings. During the 90’s trends such as grunge, hip hop and rave heavily influenced the fashion of the time. Cable television made it easier than ever for people to watch and enjoy films and music from all around the world. MTV particularly introduced us to artistic music videos that expanded people’s ideas of fashion, encouraging young ones to emulate their favourite musicians and artists, film stars and models.

The 90’s was also a time when supermodels greatly influenced the fashion world. Well-known names such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelist and Cindy Crawford showcased the best dress patterns the 1990s had to offer. Other influences came from tv shows and characters such as Rachel Green and Monica Geller from Friends, or Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city.

From open fronted gowns worn with shorts, maxi dresses paired with a grunge styled belt, to the classic sexy and figure-hugging black number, dresses were certainly worn in abundance. There were strappy tops with low backs made in a variety of shapes, from figure hugging to loose sweeping low cut fronts that draped down. Shirt dresses were also very popular. These could be worn either on their own, or worn over a plain t-shirt or polo neck top.

Dresses were favoured for the special occasion, and for casual wear. In fact, sometimes the same style could be for both occasions, simply dressed up, or down to suit the time of day and activities. As denim still dominated the 90s as it did in the 1980s, a 1990s house dress pattern was often a simple denim piece. Strappy dresses were often paired with chunky Doc Martins, converse sneakers or ballet pumps. Open flannel shirts, baggy cardigans, jackets or loose half knit grunge styled jumpers in chunky or fluffy knits were sometimes worn, paired with these, hanging from the shoulders or tied around the waist. Why not have a look at the choice of jumpers and shirts that we have to offer here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, to wear along with the 90s vintage dress patterns we have available, for your casual wardrobe? Alternatively, why not pick a shawl, or even the hats and accessories from any era to turn a 1990s vintage dress pattern into a beautiful evening gown. Princess Diana was also a favoured fashion icon that wore some absolutely stunning evening gowns.

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