The swinging sixties was a fantastic time for fashion.  With beautiful bright colours, daring hemlines and new beachwear it seemed that fashion could go anywhere.  Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop our choice of vintage 1960s skirt patterns and 1960s vintage trouser patterns give you a wonderful glimpse into that fun and liberating time.  The 60s has actually been noted to have been one of the most noted periods of fashion history being famed for its fast-changing iconic fashion further influence by ground-breaking daring music, and moments in political and social history.

The mini skirt, designed by Mary Quant and named after her favourite car the mini cooper, is perhaps one of the most widely known fashion items to make its way into the swinging sixties.  The boho style, still very popular in our decade, was also a favourite 1960s Skirt Pattern and could be found in suede material with a fringe.  Pencil skirts that were designed in the 1950s were still very popular and could be bought as a straight fabric piece or as a plaid skirt.

1960s Trouser Patterns include bell bottoms, hippie clothing styles and were nearly always in bright patterns and colours, or plain in denim.  A 1960s Pants Pattern could also be less flamboyant and more suited to the work environment as women were making headway into the workforce of the day, and needed to dress in a way that encouraged that new ‘capable of anything’ image.

Jumpsuits were a favourite choice in the 1960s and could be worn as party wear or as a casual outfit.  Hot pants, also designed and created by fashion designer Mary Quant, are also available for you to buy and replicate in your own home.

Enjoy searching through this page of fashion history and you explore the pants and 1960s Vintage Skirt Patterns.