All About Our 1940s Printed Fabrics

During the 1940s, you will find popular prints include many varieties that were also commonly found within other decades of vintage inspired fashion. Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of printed fabrics from the 1940s. Today we’re going to look at five key printed fabric […]

1940’s Fashion Memorabilia

1940’s Fashion Memorabilia

The huge selections of 1940s sewing patterns that are available are an enjoyable thing to collect and own.  In the same way that memorabilia from the movies, from the war, the music, the railways, and even the popular entertainment of the day (radio, games and books) hold a fascination for us, so too do the […]

Vintage Sewing Patterns: 1940s Revival

1940s Revival

As with every era, the 1940s featured a particular silhouette that women could create through their clothing. During this decade, it was popular to have wide padded shoulders, contrasted with a nipped-in waist. Full hips were accentuated with clothing in order to achieve the hourglass look. During and after the Second World War, clothing was […]