Destined to Design

Can a person really be born to do something?  Not that it was felt within their very core that this endeavour was such a part of them they just had to do it, but that life, situation and circumstances meant that a person was never really going to do anything else.  For example, a person […]

The History of Fashion

History has been defined as the study or record of past events, particularly those in human affairs. What about the history of fashion? We can study where the fashion world has been in the same way, but in order to make sense of it, to understand the journey of fashion, we must recognise that it […]

Diane Von Furstenberg

One of the most awarded and recognised fashion designers in the world, Belgian fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg has influenced, not only fashion, but a long line of women no doubt inspired by her dynamic entrepreneurial image.  To this day she still has a huge influence in the world of fashion, being very recently the […]

Christian Dior -The Designer Of Dreams

Christian Dior the Fashion Designer seemed to begin his career with a hit.  His iconic and well-known ‘new look’ that launched a new fashion era, and contrasted with the constrained style of war time, simultaneously re-established Paris as the leading light of the fashion world.  The Dior fashion house is still to this day noted […]

Elsa Schiaparelli – Why So Shocking?

When considering the life of any entrepreneur, the more you look into their achievements, the more you come across their life story and personality.  And the more you reveal of their personal history, the more their achievements and career choices make sense.  What I have read and studied of Schiaparelli’s life and art, has left […]

1960s – The decade that broke the fashion rules!

1960s Vintage Fashion

The Vintage Patterns Shop love the history of fashion and as we look at the 1960s vintage sewing patterns, we will see an era that really pushed and influenced new fashions and new ideas.  Popular culture, such as music, film and television where there for all to see like never before. The previous decade had […]

The fashion decade of the 1930s – Patterns to Sew

1930s Fashion

Although the 1930s saw a lot of difficulties resulting from the aftermath of The Great War, it also saw a lot of changes and styles, based on a fast paced ever changing world.  In quick succession, things were becoming obsolete, and new ideas and technologies were being adopted.  For example, in the 1920s, the corsets […]

1940’s Fashion Memorabilia

1940’s Fashion Memorabilia

The huge selections of 1940s sewing patterns that are available are an enjoyable thing to collect and own.  In the same way that memorabilia from the movies, from the war, the music, the railways, and even the popular entertainment of the day (radio, games and books) hold a fascination for us, so too do the […]