At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we not only provide our customers with the patterns themselves but also stock a variety of reproduced vintage printed fabrics for you to buy online. Sewing with these particular textiles on offer will allow you to preserve the authenticity of the look you are creating, whilst giving you the creative freedom to use your imagination. You can feel free to experiment with various elements, perhaps using vintage ribbon or antique linen to mix and match different textures.

1930s Prints

Prints we supply from the 1930s often include bold block colours, limited to between one and three on each. They feature repeated patterns, including patterned leaves, flowers and nature elements, as well as more geometric designs, and more illustrative ones. In the latter, figures may be depicted and repeated throughout the design.

1940s Prints

Prints available from the 1940s tend to be a bit busier, with more of a range of colours and less blank space. They can have a more painterly quality, with various features of the pattern overlapping in the design, though still incorporating similar elements to those from the 1930s such as nature and figures.

1950s Prints

Our range of prints from the 1950s become more uniform in terms of the pattern, though still the same themes of nature and geometric patterns with a range of different colours and styles.

Future Prints

We continue to update our collection of vintage fabrics, and we have a number of prints to come across the decades, including those from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. You can see previews of these on our website.


Vintage fabric prints are available in a range of fabrics. These include poly-cotton, crepe-de-chine, poly-silk, rayon, viscose, and chiffon. As well as the patterns, these fabrics are ideal for creating your own vintage outfits as they were all used in by-gone eras to produce the original styles of dress. There has been a resurgence of vintage fabrics in recent years, where the design, colours, and imagery evoke the spirit of the era it derives from.

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For more information and advice about vintage fabrics, please fill out the online contact form, or email us at To speak to a member of the team directly, simply call us on either (0044) 1621-331441 or (0044) 7595261171. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us. We can also help you if you happen to be searching for a particular vintage fabric print but that you have been unable to find.