Vintage Printed Fabrics


We are pleased to announce that very shortly, by the end of September, we will be launching on our website a selection of

Reproduced Fabrics of Original Vintage Prints

A whole new vintage fashion dimension for both us and our customers. We hope you like it. Any suggestions from you will be greatly received.

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How often have you wanted to make a vintage creation from a vintage sewing pattern but frustratingly just could not quite find the correct print of fabric to suit the design and era!

We would argue that vintage textiles offer a powerful, uncomplicated, and one-of-a-kind decorative fix. Unfortunately, the mere prospect of the search of the perfect vintage print is enough to evoke the onset of a panic attack!

As with anything vintage, this is a start to sift through to unearth that swoon-worthy piece,……..but isn’t that thrill of the hunt?


Fabric prints and designs are often typical of an era, and we will produce and supply an array of typically iconic vintage fabric prints to cover the period from the 1930s-to-the-1980s.

We aim for our reproduced vintage fabric collection to enhance and compliment any vintage sewing project.

Our exciting collection will start with the 1930s to the 1950s and here are our first 31 Prints:



Out first ten 1930s Prints (prices to be confirmed)

All 150cm wide

Above left: (F1-1930s) Star Leavesavailable in Poly Cotton

Above Center: (F2-1930s) Easter promiseavailable in Poly Cotton

Above Right: (F3-1930s) Adventureavailable in Pearl Chiffon



Above left: (F4-1930s) Eccentric available in Crepe De Chine

Above Center: (F5-1930s) Ariel – available in Poly Cotton

Above Right: (F6-1930s) New York Red available in a slightly Stretch Crepe De Chine



Above left: (F7-1930s) Paddleavailable in Viscose

Above Center: (F8-1930s) Lady Lidoavailable in Viscose

Above Right: (F9-1930) Blue Meadowavailable in Viscose



Above: (F10-1930s) Pink Butterflyavailable in a slightly Stretch Crepe De Chine




Out first eleven 1940s Prints (prices to be confirmed)

All 150cm wide

Above left: (F1-1940s)  Night at Rainbow Corneravailable in Poly Cotton

Above Center: (F2-1940s) Floating Feathersavailable in Poly Cotton

Above Right: (F3-1940s) D-Day Specialavailable in a slightly Stretch Crepe De Chine



Above left: (F4-1940s)  Pacific Surfavailable in Poly Cotton

Above Center: (F5-1940s) Rosemazeavailable in Viscose

Above Right: (F6-1940s) Make Doavailable in a Viscose



Above left: (F7-1940s) Red Roseavailable in Viscose

Above Center: (F8-1940s) Run for Coveravailable in Rayon

Above Right: (F9-1940s) Blitz Partyavailable in 100% Pure Cotton



Above left: (F10-1940s) WW2 Paisleyavailable in Rayon

Above Right: (F11-1940s) Land Girl in Plattsavailable in Rayon





Out first ten 1950s Prints (prices to be confirmed)

All 150cm wide

Above left: (F1-1950s)  Toadstoolavailable in Poly Cotton

Above Center: (F2-1950s) Butterflyavailable in Crepe De Chine

Above Right: (F3-1950s) Swissrollavailable in Pearl Chiffon



Above left: (F4-1950s)  Precariousavailable in Poly Cotton

Above Center: (F5-1950s) Feather Fansavailable in Viscose

Above Right: (F6-1950s) Portobello Roadavailable in Poly Cotton



Above left: (F7-1950s)  Links available in Viscose

Above Center: (F8-1950s) Patchesavailable in Viscose

Above Right: (F9-1950s) London Autumnavailable in Pearl Chiffon



Above: (F10-1950s) Flemenco – available in Crepe De Chine




Below are some future prints to come


Our future 1930s prints




Our future 1940s prints




Our future 950s prints


These vintage prints will come on fabrics such as; poly-cotton, crepe-de-chine, poly silk, rayon, viscose and chiffon. These fabric types, often produced in iconic prints, were commonly used in vintage dressmaking belonging to vintage styles of the by-gone fashions.


Vintage fabric has become increasingly popular over recent years.
The best vintage fabric prints acts as a window into another era: the design, the colours and the imagery captures a particular era, creating an ambience and look that often cannot be captured with modern fabrics.


Sewing with vintage printed fabrics allows you to be resourceful and imaginative while preserving a bit of the charming past. When you incorporate a vintage textile, you’re creating a unique piece with charm and grace that expresses your creativity. Use your skills when you sew with these distinctive vintage prints, maybe you can combine using vintage ribbon, antique linen and mix and match different textures of vintage fabrics, which will add dimension and charm.


If there is any particular vintage fabric prints out there that you like but cannot get hold of please contact us:


Watch this space as Fabrics Coming Soon!