There’s something so romantic about vintage fashion and the way it can bring glimpses of a lost time into the present day. Luckily for the fashion geeks among us, none of the killer looks from the past are ever entirely lost! Vintage styles are always coming back into fashion to the point where certain prints such as floral and gingham have become timeless statements in the fashion world.

However, it can be tiresome waiting for the high street to catch on to what looks great, especially when you are brimming with brilliant outfit ideas. So, why wait for everyone else to catch up? A needle and thread and a passion for vintage is all you need to create a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes inspired by all the vintage styles that you love.

Here are all the reasons why vintage sewing patterns are the key to your dream wardrobe:

Make entirely original pieces!

Whilst taking inspiration from the high street is never a bad idea, it’s always so much cheaper (and way more fun!) to make items of clothing yourself. There are so many great reproduced vintage sewing patterns out there that are bound to get you inspired to design clothes that’ll be the envy of everyone you meet. And you don’t have to follow sewing patterns step by step. You can simply use them for inspiration and then adapt the instructions to create your own, entirely unique pieces. There’s really no limits on what you can create, so get experimenting with your favourite vintage trends and create the clothes you’ve always wanted to see in shops.

To own clothes made to your exact measurements

The thing about high street stores is that their sizes are made to cater for a general body size, and it can be frustrating to spend good money on clothes that only properly fit you in one area of your body. When following a sewing pattern, you can cater for your exact measurements and create clothes specifically designed for your own body shape and flatter your figure.

It’s cheaper than buying clothes off the high street

A metre roll of fabric can usually be bought for as little as £2 and once you’ve found a vintage sewing pattern that you love, you can constantly reinvent the item and make variations of one item using different fabrics and textures. It’s the perfect way to create a wardrobe that you’ll never get bored of!

Your kids will always look adorable

We’ve all seen little Prince George rocking some adorable vintage attire but who on earth can afford those designer labels really, especially when shopping for a child! Kids are constantly growing out of their clothes, tumbling into the mud and tearing their trousers. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your kids looking cute without paying a ridiculous cost for it. With a large roll of fabric and your favourite vintage reproduction patterns, your child will never run out of clothes and their wardrobe will be bursting with all kinds of gorgeous attire. Sewing is also a lovely way to kick back and relax once the little ones are tucked up in bed.

Authentic and interesting artwork

If you are all about vintage fashion but just can’t get the hang of a needle and thread, reproduction vintage sewing patterns can make for really beautiful artwork when framed in your home. Our sewing patterns are all authentic vintage items that are beautifully illustrated, perfectly capturing the essence of a fashionable past.

Where to find reproduced vintage sewing patterns?

At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we are the biggest vintage patterns reproduction company worldwide, producing the largest collection of reproduced vintage sewing patterns. We have a wide and varied collection of authentic vintage sewing patterns that we produce very high-quality copies of for all our vintage-loving customers!

Whatever your favourite era, we have sewing patterns for them all so simply take your pick! All of our vintage sewing patterns reproductions are available for distribution worldwide, so no one needs to miss out. If there is a particular pattern that you are searching for but cannot see on our website, do not hesitate to get in contact and we should be able to source it for you.

Happy sewing!