Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop fashion is our passion. A catalogued history of fashion allows us, not just to see the styles and patterns of yesteryear, but to continue to create and wear these beautifully crafted garments. The art of knitting has always encouraged us to create and make clothing for ourselves and this is at the heart of what we love to do.

Here we have a section on our website dedicated to providing you with a choice of vintage knitting patterns for sale.  Knitting has once again grown in popularity over the last two decades and new ideas for vintage style knitting patterns are being produced.  None seem more popular though, than the much-loved 50s and 60s vintage knitting patterns.  UK fashions were then very much influenced by designs from the world over and knitting styles saw its influence in its choice of shapes and designs.  Knitted dresses emulated the styles of the times with peter pan collars and the 1920s boat neck collar made popular again by celebrities of the time. The 1970s saw a popular rise of the tank top, the perfect choice for a knitting pattern.

1940s Vintage Knitting Patterns reflect a time of need and necessity, but as always this did not impact of the ability of knitters to make something pretty.  Wool, known for its ability to keep you warm, was also used for its practical properties when knitting for men and women who joined in the ranks of the war effort.  A lot of socks were knitted in the 1940s to supply the troops and today socks are considered one of the most difficult but enjoyable garments to master but, unlike during war times, your choice of patterns and colours are endless.

For your chance to create and own one of these historical items buy vintage knitting patterns from us today.