BOOKLET – 'A Guide to Adjusting and Altering Vintage Sewing Patterns'

BOOKLET – 'A Guide to Adjusting and Altering Vintage Sewing Patterns'


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We have compiled a booklet.

The BOOKLET is named:

‘A Guide to Adjusting and Altering Vintage Sewing Patterns’


Compiled by ‘The Vintage Pattern Shop’. Over 87 pages of a scrapbook style, it is a comprehensive, informative booklet with full illustrations, which takes you through the first positive steps toward perfecting your fitting skills by adjusting and altering Vintage Sewing Patterns. Comes as an A4 Plastic bound booklet. You will learn a logical step-by-step Adjusting, Altering and fitting methods, that will guide you through difficult areas and reinforce what you already know. Understanding the principals and fundamentals of pattern tissue adjustments can be the beginning of a whole new wardrobe of personalized Vintage Fashion. It widens your range when purchasing Vintage Sewing Patterns therefore allowing you far more variety in your choice. You have widened your options!

Over the years and from my days of studying ‘fashion Design and Pattern Cutting’ at the London College of Fashion, I have collected on the way from various sources some brilliant information, and have compiled my favorite and most useful bits in this informative booklet to facilitate with your Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Sewing Pattern adjustments are neither difficult nor time consuming once you understand the procedure – and you need only to understand the ones you require. This booklet covers aspects of the body form where most common adjustments are required. See attached pictures of the Contents list.

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PLEASE NOTE: This booklet is far more extensive than the booklet included in each pattern that we sell. The booklet that you get with each pattern does have some information on Adjustments, however does not go to the extent that this booklet involves. This is far more detailed, informative, technical  and more descriptive with lots of Diagrams


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Table of Contents


Pattern Tissue Adjustments

Where to Start

Doing it right



The Fitting Shell/The Body Block

Test Garments

Alternative Solutions

Prepare to Fit

Equipment Checklist

Taking your measurements

Evaluating Your Measurements

Adjust With Accuracy

Prepare to Adjust

Length Adjustments

Shortening Pattern Pieces 

Unfitted skirts                                                                                 

Fitted Skirts                                                                              

Fitted Dresses                                                                          

A-line Dresses                                                                    

Princess dresses                                                                              

Unfitted Sleeves                                                                              

Fitted Sleeves

Lengthening Pattern Pieces

Fitted dresses

A-line Dresses

Princess Dresses

Fitted Skirts

Unfitted skirts

Fitted Sleeves

Unfitted Sleeves

Special Situations

Combining Adjustments

Intricate Pattern Pieces

Uneven Adjustments


Circumference Adjustments

To Adjust the Pattern at the Side Seams

To Adjust the Pattern by Slashing


Reducing the Waist

A-line Dresses

Princess Dresses

Fitted dresses

Fitted Skirts

Unfitted Skirts



Enlarging the Waist

A-line Dresses

Princess Dresses

Fitted Dresses

Fitted Skirts

Unfitted Skirts



Reducing the Hips

A-line Dresses

Princess Dresses

Fitted Dresses

Fitted Skirts

Unfitted Skirts


Enlarging the Hips

A-line Dresses

Princess Dresses

Fitted Dresses

Fitted Skirts

Unfitted Skirts

Special Situations

Combining Adjustments

Intricate Pattern Pieces

Uneven Adjustments



Small Cup

Large Cup

Shaping the basic fitting Shell                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

High Bust                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Low Bust                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Dart Length

The Waist Area


Waist and Midriff

Waist Seam


Applying a Waistline Stay


The Hip Area

Flat Buttocks

Large Buttocks

Large Abdomen


Personal Measurement Chart

Body forms – front and Back

Fitting checklist

Custom-Fitting Fabrics Chart

Fabrics and Fit









Special Fabrics

Fabrics with Give                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Fabrics with Luster                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Fabrics with Surface Style                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Suede, Leather and Leather-Like Fabrics                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Fabrics with Flow and Float                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Fabrics with Special Design

Understanding Ease 57-59

Wearing Ease                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Design Ease                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Ease Allowance Chart                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Silhouette Clarification

Hints and Tips at a Glance

Fitting Pants/Trousers/Slacks

Creating illusion Taking Measurements

 Body Measurement Chart for pants

Length Adjustments

Crotch depth

Crotch Length

Torso Length

Pants Length

Circumference Adjustments

Large abdomen

Protruding Hip Bones


Hip High

Low Buttocks

 Flat Buttocks

large Buttocks

Thigh bulge

Thin thighs

Puckered darts

Smile Lines

Frown Lines

Seam Fitting

Refining the Fit

Evaluating the Fit

Final Note


We also have another Booklet, please see the following:

                                               We are pleased to have finally compiled and listed our NEW and SECOND Booklet, named:

                                                                       “A Guide to Fabrics when using Vintage Sewing Patterns”

                                                                                                           eBay Item number: 251337189719

Compiled by ‘The Vintage Pattern Shop’, 75 pages, 19 Chapters, it is comprehensive and thorough. Learn to distinguish fabric characteristics and quality by a thorough understanding of the components that have combined to create it, and you will be one step closer to the custom fit of any vintage sewing pattern you are seeking. This Booklet will help you!

You the vintage dressmaker is an artist who can choose fabrics and vintage designs that will combine to make a garment that you will be proud to wear. An important aspect when making clothes from a bygone era is the choosing of the right fabric. A knowledgeable seamstress understands the strong influence fabric can have on a finished garment, including the fit. If you do not have this knowledge, then by reading this booklet you will benefit by a basic understanding of the fibers, structure and finishes, all of which contribute to the individual characteristics of a wide range of fabrics covered in this booklet, all of which can be used when working with vintage sewing patterns.

Todays fabric are extensive and completely in tune with fashion and can easily be used with Vintage Sewing Patterns. Each vintage pattern comes with fabric suggestions, which are suitable to make up the style, in order to re-create the designers intentions. Faced with such a variety of fabrics, choice can be bewildering and names often confusing. I have compiled this booklet to help as a handy reference to dressmaking fabrics and fibers.

The booklet begins with a list of materials, so you can see at a glance what section to look under. Next come fabric descriptions of generic fabric terms and designs. These are followed by details of individual qualities, divided into topical groups and listed alphabetically within each chapter. Included towards the end of this booklet are further chapters about Fibres, Trade Names, Fabric Structure & Character and Popular Fabrics of individual eras from the 1930s-to-1970s, all to facilitate when sourcing for modern day fabrics for your Vintage Sewing Patterns.

To view the full ‘Contents List’ detailing exactly what this booklet contains please go to the listing on eBay.

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