Patterns of the 60s

To understand the ‘Introduction’ to ‘Patterns from the 60s’ with ‘Background of the 60s’ and the ‘Importance of patterns in the 60s fashion scene’, delve into the vibrant era of the 1960s. Explore the cultural and social influences that shaped the fashion trends, and discover how patterns became a pivotal element in defining the unique […]

1960s – The decade that broke the fashion rules!

1960s Vintage Fashion

The Vintage Patterns Shop love the history of fashion and as we look at the 1960s vintage sewing patterns, we will see an era that really pushed and influenced new fashions and new ideas.  Popular culture, such as music, film and television where there for all to see like never before. The previous decade had […]

A – B

Collage of Mary Quant & her work Fashion Designers A-Z                     Left: Fashion designer Paco Rabanne on the film set of Casino Royale at Elstree. Working on the clothes for the film, 6th July 1966.   Center left: Grace Coddington in Mary Quant’s minidress and shorts […]