If you are wanting to look at all of the Vogue patterns The Vintage Pattern Shop have available for sale, you can see them all collected together here.  We recognise that fashion admirers appreciate the designers and history of fashion, just as much as the specific styles from particular eras.  We therefore provide you with a catalogue of all of the patterns created by the company all in one place, to help you browse this companies’ creations over the many years.

The history of Vogue is extremely interesting and began just a little over 100 years ago. The famous magazine first started publishing in the year 1892 and 7 years later started featuring these sewing patterns along with the adding of pages that covered social events, traditions and etiquette, including latest fashions, making the trends of both beauty and culture available to the public from one month to the next. This allowed women to keep up with the flow of fashion, and to create the latest looks and styles in their very own homes, and in their own choice of colours and materials.

When the magazine became solely a fashion and beauty magazine, the Vogue couturier sewing patterns branch was formed and became its own separate enterprise in 1914. They continued to provide accessible fashion for anyone who wanted to create it for themselves, whether it was for named Vogue designer patterns or any other clothing item.

Considering our own goal to collect together fashions of the past that delighted the lovers of fashion of the time, and those that enjoy fashion both old and new now, is it any wonder we have a huge choice of Vogue Couturier patterns available in every category and decade of fashion?  Here you can see the entire collection all listed together on one page.

Apart from the most popular category of Vogue designer sewing patterns in women’s fashion we also have a great choice of Vogue men’s sewing patterns and Vogue children’s patterns. The Men’s choice includes items like shirts and suits such as the Zoot suit that was popular 1940’s. The Vogue clothing templates available for children covers all ages, from baby and toddler right up to the oldest ages.

The Vogue costume patterns we have available can cover the historical clothing and ‘period’ patterns.  These are perfect for wedding dresses as well as elaborate fancy dress. The choices in this category are simply beautiful. They will allow you to wear the sort of gowns and clothing that you usually associate with period dramas and exhibitions, for any special occasion you choose.

So, for a huge choice of Vintage Vogue patterns be sure to browse through our many pages below.  If there is a particular pattern you are after that you cannot find, may we encourage you to keep checking the pages regularly, as we update our stock and are always on the lookout for more choice to make available to our customers. Alternatively, you can get in contact to ask us specifically for anything specific you are looking for. We would be more than happy to help a fellow fashion fan!