As the world’s leading vintage pattern provider, we are proud to stock a substantial amount of the iconic and historic Vogue patterns for you to own.  As you can see for yourself below, we have a huge stock of Vogue designer sewing patterns as well as Vogues own sewing pattern originals.

Sourcing our collection from around the world, we have Vogue patterns from as early as the 1930s. Vogue designer patterns, through the years, have provided a never-ending choice of clothing patterns ranging from everyday wear to beach wear, and from office wear to the ornate gowns and elaborate dresses designed for the ballroom, or even for a wedding.  Vogue, over this amazing century of fashion, has been responsible for allowing seamsters, and crafters down the decades to access and produce an array of styles from iconic fashion houses, and to new fashion horizons.  The various collections these pattern providers made available, is just as varied as the items of clothing and styles you can see here at The Vintage Pattern Shop.  Our choice of Vogue patterns also includes a good selection of vintage knitting patterns.

The Vogue Couturier Patterns we have available feature many styles and designs from well-known fashion artists such as the inspired Dublin designer Sybil Connolly, and innovative fashion artist Elsa Schiaparelli.  We also have a sizeable collection of the Vogue Paris Original designs featuring an array of fashion legends such as Christian Dior, Guy Laroche, Jean Dessès and items from the well-known Givenchy fashion house.

With so many of these beautifully illustrated series of patterns available, such as the Vogue Paris Originals, Vogue Americana or American Design, and the Vogue Couturier Design, as you browse through the many pages, you will surely develop a respect and love for this particular fashion contributor.  We invite you to browse our amazing choice of Vogue couturier sewing patterns today.