1980's Dress Patterns

The 80s! What a marked era for fashion.  It is a fashion that some feel is best forgotten and others feel it defined a generation.  Fingerless gloves, shoulder pads and leg warmers were iconic styles of the times, worn by the famous and the everyday woman. What a contrast to the floral feminine and shapely styles of the previous decades!  Sharp lines and definitive shapes were created by extra materials and padding. Even the 1980’s dress patterns embraced this new style of fashion.

But, are these styles really a thing of the past, or do we see a revival of the 1980s look?  High decorative collars, double breasted jackets and coats and large belts are certainly making a wonderful comeback.  For example, this 1980s Day Dress Pattern, with the wrap around look, adds so much elegance to the wardrobe of today that we see similar styles and shapes in coats, tops and evening wear of today.  The bright colours that compliment these 1980s dressmaking patterns are also dominant in the fashion world of today. Bored with the block colours in matt finish, you can see glitter, stripes and other bold prints in the highstreets.

Strapless and off the shoulder looks are certainly converted in today’s fashion world.  1980s evening dress patterns and evening wear made the look, not only adding the glamour that an evening event should but giving it an edgy look that didn’t loose any of its womanly power or statement.

The Vintage pattern shop offers you all the genuine styles of the times and the chance to make the look your own with the original patterns created by such fashion idols as Ralph Lauren, Bellville Sassoon and Adele Simpson.  Rather than looking for the hidden and hard to obtain vintage pieces, you can have direct access to any piece of this fashion decade.