1970s Dress Patterns

Vintage Dress Patterns of the 1970s

The 1970s was a decade that marked many changes.  Political and social issues influenced every bit of culture as it had done the decades preceding it, including in the much-loved avenue of fashion.  Particularly, women’s rights loomed large in the minds of all, and clothing provided an excellent way to make any statement that promoted and encouraged it.  Although, trousers, trouser suits and two-piece outfits were therefore popular, the rightful part women could play, and the qualities that women celebrated had meant that, rather than do without 1970s dress patterns, or other things so commonly identified as a predominantly female item, they were reinvented again and again, and often allowed the wearer to promote femininity and the emancipation of women at the same time.

Here, at The Vintage Pattern Shop we have a superb selection of everyday 1970s house dress patterns that can be described as a more casual attire.  Perhaps this promoted the idea that a woman was ready for action, to take on any task needed, without restrictions that past trends, to look ornate and delicate, had imposed.  We also have the dresses that would have been for the working woman of the times, as well as a good selection of 70s dresses to be purchased and made for those very special occasions, such as weddings.

For work, dresses often had a trim of ribbon or lace on a more fitted dress, allowing for a measure of decorative flair, but for a more ordered look.  Neckties or scarves finished the look of office wear for the businesswoman, and some dresses could even be worn, and looked amazing with, a fitted matching waistcoat, or jacket.  Belts, ties, collars, pockets, and the use of buttons all made a dress look very structured and business-like while making it unique to a womanly form and style.

The colours and styles of the more casual wear were simply beautiful, with 1970s dress patterns tending to be very floral, using a lot of earthier, more naturally occurring colours and tones that kept cropping up repeatedly throughout the decade.  Whereas the 50s had encouraged the A-line style of dress that gave a woman a uniform hourglass figure, a lot of the vintage dress patterns, 1970s designers created, had empire lines or even a dropped waist-lined dress.  Therefore, rather than all women conforming to one shape, the fashion houses embraced a number of styles and looks suitable for all.

Other cultures also continued to heavily influence this decade’s fashion, with hippy styles being dominant throughout.  Kaftans were particularly popular.  These are extremely comfortable dresses, that also allow for flare and flamboyance in the patterns and flow.  These garments look very sophisticated, yet beautifully elegant in their own right.

Here, we have an abundance of 1970s dress patterns UK customers will love, that are suitable for all.  Please enjoy browsing and learning more about this interesting time in fashion history.  You will find plenty to love.  To have any questions answered regarding our vintage dress patterns – 1970s, UK and international fashion lovers can contact us today.