1970s Dress Patterns

As the 1970s decade dawned, more channels of information and communication opened to the world, and so did the ability to see what was happening on the world scene.  Fads and the latest trends had never been on display to this degree before and clever adverts and famous trendsetters were used by fashion designers and their industries to promote the styles and interests of the times.  Women’s rights, civil rights activists and anti-war demonstrators promoted freedom of choice.  All of these factors had a huge impact on the women’s dress patterns of the day.

Gone were the days of restrictions of style, colour and shape.  The 1970s Day Dress Pattern styles promoted the emancipation of women, the right to be sexy and dress more independently.  But, not forgetting that women still wanted to remain true to their uniqueness, the dresses kept the daring feminine hemlines of the mini skirt throughout the era.  These beautiful 1970s Dressmaking Patterns include sexy bold outfits that flattered the form and empowered the women who wore them.

The craze that was disco came into existence in the 70’s and massively influenced the population, spurred on by groups such as ABBA and The Bee Gees.  1970s Style Dress Patterns also show the hippy area had not worn out, with such designs as the caftan, ponchos, capes and ankle length maxi dresses.

1970s Wedding Dress Patterns reflected the floaty, hippy style that remained at the time, and some classic designs were often worn with a hat or headdress such as a flower crowns, turbans and floppy brim hats.

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