1950’s Blouse Patterns

The 1950’s patterns for blouses were usually designed for daytime wear for the women of the times.  These blouses are versatile, and they were created to compliment the skirt and trouser styles of the day.  Blouses still feature the same shape around the waist and hips that the 50’s dresses do, and were to be worn either tucked into the belt and waist line, or they featured a piece that flared out around the hips to promote the hourglass figure.

Blouses looked both professional and respectable, without looking blocky or plain.  They emphasised the figure, as the darting cut into the patterns created a tailored look that framed the breasts and tucked in around the typical womanly figure.  Collars where generally more ornate and looked fabulous with the cut and shape of the rest of the garment.

The wrap over blouse pattern also hugs into the elegant figure and is a perfect choice to wear with the pencil or circle skirts of the time.

1950’s Patterns for Tops

Although the blouse was certainly the most popular type of top to chose from, there were other types also worn.  These 1950’s patterns for tops were capable of complimenting evening wear and day wear.  The patterns featured on this page, show that these tops can be made into a casual style and created for evening wear perfect for matching with the elegant evening skirts in our collection.

1950’s Apron Pattern

Most aprons sold today are usually worn for practical reasons only.  This was not the case in the 50’s.  Women who worked at home and cared for the domestic side of life didn’t see why they couldn’t be beautifully attired at the same time they got jobs done.  Aprons were therefore created to compliment the other clothing styles worn.