1950’s Vintage Trouser Patterns

Due to the wartime, and the need for women to wear more practical clothing (to begin with they actually wore their husband old trousers for work while their men were away in service), trousers became a more popular garment for women.  So when the war was over and the need for rationing fabric and working in industrial and practical clothing was no longer necessary, fashion industries started to create elegant styles in trousers.

Trousers in the 1950’s worked very well with the shapely blouses and tops that were from the same decade.  The cropped summer top looks fantastic with the generally high waist trousers of the time.

Cropped trousers, shorts in the Cigarette or Capri style are available in our 1950’s Vintage trouser collection.

1950’s Vintage Skirt Patterns

Of course, despite the growing popularity of the trousers, skirts never lost their charm.  Most women preferred to wear skirts out in public during the day and night.   The women of the day also enjoyed using whatever fabrics and embellishments that allowed them the extravagance and freedom that the previous decade had denied them.

The slim line skirt patterns tended to be more conservative, and work well with a jacket, hat and gloves.

Skirt styles include the pencil skirt that today is still seen as a wardrobe must have, and the circle skirt.  These shapes suit day wear and evening attire.

1950’s Vintage Suit Patterns

These patterns are both elegant and professional looking.  They encouraged the look for women who craved and desired more freedom from the usual domestic life, so that they could carry the look of sophistication and look more business like.

The bolero jackets in this collection are stunning and add finishing touches to the many skirts, trousers and dress patterns available on this website.