1950s Printed Fabrics

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we have a section especially dedicated to vintage printed fabrics, and this category is dedicated to those from the 1950s.

Whilst casual denim and cotton prints were popular for home sewing, the fabrics from the 1950s were often luxurious. This was especially true for evening wear, with popular materials including velvet, tulle, silk and satin. For daywear, cotton and wool were most common, but there was also the rise of the use of more synthetic fabrics during this period. Polyester and rayon could be used for all kinds of clothing for both men and women.

One of the most popular printed fabrics for both men and women in the 1950s was Hawaiian print. ‘Tiki’ parties would be hosted with tropical drinks garnished with pink umbrellas. Popular styles for dresses would be full circle skirts and narrow pencil shapes, as well as sarong style wraps.

Other popular trends in fabric prints included checks, plaid, and stripes, as well as other kinds of repeated patterns. From our website you can see a range of different printed fabrics from the ‘50s, with many making use of bright colours, ensuring you really stand out from the crowd. At The Vintage Pattern Shop, you can use these printed fabrics to create all kinds of clothes straight from the 1950s.