Here are The Vintage Pattern Shop, as well as an extensive selection of patterns for women, we do also cater to men. Our patterns tend to range from the 1930s to the 1960s, so today we’re going to offer an overview of men’s fashion through the ages. Then you can browse your favourite styles within our men’s vintage sewing patterns collection.


The 1930s epitomised the idea of the triangular silhouette for men’s bodies, achieved by certain garments and the way they were cut and fitted. For example, you would see broad shoulders and thin waists on athletes, so larger styles became suitable. Styles were wide and full of colour and distinctive patterns, with garments becoming as interesting for men as they had been for women.


In the 1940s, the second world war rationing meant that cloth was limited. In this decade you would see a unique cut to the clothes, as well as patterns and details that demonstrated patriotism. Although Zoot suits had previously been popular, there had been an association with crime and came to be seen as unpatriotic.


By the 1950s, conformity was key when it came to men’s fashion. Suits were seen in dark colours like blue, brown and charcoal. It was a time to be a follower of fashion, rather than an individual with unique style, where approval came from being part of the crowd in almost-identical uniforms. However, in contrast to this, later in the decade, the more preppy style was in combat with the more rebellious greaser fashion of a leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans.


Men were still dressing relatively conservatively in the 1950s in general, but this was the decade where British fashion designers really became pioneers for revolutionary clothing. Whilst the miniskirt came from mod culture, as did some classic styles in men’s fashion. You would see slim-fitting tonic and mohair suits with narrow bottoms and lapels, which were teamed with polo shirts, and argyle socks, plaid shirts and penny loafer shoes. Known for speeding around London on Lambretta of Vespa scooters, they would wear old army parkas to protect their clothes.

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