The Perks of Using Vintage Sewing Patterns

women wearing vintage clothing

Years ago, the only way to get your hands on vintage sewing patterns was to go to old bookstores or try your luck at garage sales. With the growing popularity of everything old-school, it’s now easier than ever to find antique patterns. Sewing with the authentic vintage pattern is a delightful experience and a great […]

The Most Iconic 1980s Vintage Sewing Patterns

The Most Iconic 1980s Vintage Sewing Patterns

The 1980s is known for bold patterns, bright block colours, and – of course – shoulder pads. The age of the power suit, it was a time where women were able to reclaim their femininity and assert their role in the workplace, as well as be physically comfortable. Today we’re going to look at some […]

Vintage Sewing Patters: 1980s Revival

1980s Urban Fashion Trends

The 1980s is known for being big and bold in every way – hair, shoulder pads, bright colours and bold patterns. It can be a challenge to pull off the style of the 1980s, but with our vintage patterns, it’s possible to take the best elements of the decade and put your own modern twist […]