1970s Vintage Sewing Patterns

1970s Fashion

Classic Style Ideas From The 1970s

When you’re looking to create a look from the 1970s it can be easy to fall back on stereotypical items. However, when you’re creating vintage items from original patterns, you want your outfit to say ‘fashion’ rather than ‘fancy dress’. Today we’re going to look at some style ideas that include classic outfits from the ‘70s that will still fit well with modern life. Casual Jeans The comfort of staple blue jeans was born in the 1970s, and you would see [...]


The Hippie Chic, Glam Rock, Disco and Punk Era

1970s Revival: Vintage Sewing Patterns Whilst previous eras were very much about following fashion and being on trend, the 1970s was about rebellion, breaking rules and putting your own spin on the trademark pieces. It was all about individuality, and how you wore staple items such as mini-skirts and bell-bottoms. The silhouette that was in vogue for both men and women was tight at the top and loose at the bottom. Fashion was liberated from the rulebook along with [...]