1950s Vintage Sewing Patterns

1950s Fashion

An Overview of 1950’s Patterns

The 1950’s were a time of ongoing recovery for people all over the world.  Those born during the second world war rightly felt something good had to come from what had past, and those born after were happily unaware of how difficult those times were. These varied experiences all mixed up in one lifetime of people produced new fashions and new styles that were both beautiful and different.  Those that felt they had enough of loss and deprivation were [...]

1950s vintage patterns

Vintage Sewing Patterns: 1950s Revival

Known as the fabulous fifties, this post-war era had a positive energy, increased economic prosperity, and a ‘baby boom’. It is also considered a time where the concept of a teenager was born, meaning fashions were developed with youth culture in mind. Today we will look at 1950s fashions and the vintage sewing patterns we have, so you can recreate these styles for yourself.