1930s Vintage Sewing Patterns

1930s Fashion

The fashion decade of the 1930s – Patterns to Sew

Although the 1930s saw a lot of difficulties resulting from the aftermath of The Great War, it also saw a lot of changes and styles, based on a fast paced ever changing world.  In quick succession, things were becoming obsolete, and new ideas and technologies were being adopted.  For example, in the 1920s, the corsets popularity as a fashion garment, and it’s being regarded as a ‘must have’ item, started to die off so that by the 1930s the [...]

Vintage Sewing Patterns 1930s Revival

Vintage Sewing Patterns: 1930s Revival

In the 1930s, women’s fashion saw a lot of changes, sparked by The Great Depression. Low economy meant that women were looking for ways to save money and look good, and it was during this time that factory-made clothes became more popular that tailor-made outfits. Less expensive fabrics were more common, such as cotton, and crepe and other crinkled fabrics, as well as the use of zips rather than buttons. At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we stock a lovely [...]