During the 1950s, it was usual for people in general to knit their clothes by hand. In this era, clothing was made to stand the test of time. Rather than disposing of items with holes, people would knit them back up, or unpick them to knit into something new. If you make the choice to knit your own clothing these days, you see the true worth of the garments you make, helarding against the throwaway fashion culture created by the mass production of clothing, creating your own original jumpers and dresses. Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on vintage knitting patterns from the 1950s, so read on to find out more.

The Twin-Set

Although the twin-set first appeared in the 1940s, it was really during the 1950s that this style took off within the fashion world. Usually knitted in wool or cashmere, it consists of an under-sweater or jumper, that is normally short-sleeved, with a matching long-sleeved cardigan to be worn over the top. Today, it is common to use more synthetic materials, such as acrylic. The sweater underneath is typically worn tight-fitting, and the cardigan is unbuttoned to show off the style, usually accompanied with jewellery. To get that classic look, combine with a string of pearls.

The Chanel Influence

The popularity of the twin-set was driven by Hollywood actors including Grace Kelly, Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, worn both on and off screen. However, its original innovation is often attributed to Coco Chanel, who also influenced the knitted suit from her design of the Chanel Suit. This would have initially been made from wool and featured a knee-length skirt and a cardigan-style jacket. It was designed to be trimmed and decorated with black embroidery and gold-coloured buttons. Once more, to get the classic look, combine with two-tone pump shoes and a pearl necklace, along with a leather handbag.

The Italian Influence

From Italy, casual sports knitwear became something that was not just practical, but also fashionable. The style of these items would be stylish and classy, but focussed on simplicity. The man-made fibres that were emerging also made it possible to produce easy-to-wash, crisp, modern items. This Italian influence started a trend, again popularised by actors of the time.

Other Items

As well as these classic items that evoke the style of knitted items during the 1950s, there are also a range of other garments you can create from our vintage knitting patterns. These include single cardigans, jumpers, short-sleeved tops, dresses and jackets.

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